Features of Our Cognitive Tests

All of our tests were designed and validated through the research platform, TestMyBrain.org.
Through TestMyBrain.org, we have developed more than 50 measures of cognition and tested 1.6 million people.
Our tests are designed and optimized for the future of behavioral science: a future that is open, digital, and participant-centered.

If you want to learn more, you can contact us at info@manybrains.net.

Open Source

We believe that openness is the key to high quality, replicable science as well as a democratic health care system. We are committed to creating cognitive testing software that can be shared with the academic, research, and clinical communities. Over the next few years we will be building infrastructure to allow us to disseminate software as broadly and efficiently as possible.

Modern Methods

We create cognitive tests based on technology that exists today. Our tests are broadly compatible with a range of devices and platforms, all vetted for accuracy of measurement through the research engine, TestMyBrain.org. Our team comprises top experts in psychophysics and behavioral measurement, to make sure that each test adheres to the highest possible psychometric and scientific standards.

Participant Engagement

Our work begins and ends with the patients, participants, and participant communities. Every test we create is vetted by the participants themselves to make sure that the test is clear, engaging, and serves the needs of participants. Through TestMyBrain.org, participants have rated each and every test and we use that data to create tests that maximize participant engagement and the value that participants derive from taking part in research.

Remote, Web-based Assessment

All of our tests can be administered to participants remotely over the Web, outside of a lab or clinic. This means that participants can do the tests in any location that is comfortable and practical. Each test is compatible with a range of devices and platforms, and structured to be able to catch (and correct) common misunderstandings that participants might have so they don't impact data quality.

Normed and Validated

Each test has been validated and normed with respect to a dataset of at least 5,000 participants (and usually much more). These participants come from a broad range of demographic, social, and cultural backgrounds. They range in age from 10 years old to 90 years old. They represent almost every country and territory in the world.


Not every test is suited to every purpose; we are committed to working with researchers and clinicians to adapt tests to make them suitable for a range of settings and research purposes.


We have 50+ cognitive tests available that have been validated through TestMyBrain.org. These tests span a full range of cognitive functions. For a full list, please contact us at info@manybrains.net.

  • Intelligence

    General cognitive ability or intellectual ability. Includes measures of verbal reasoning, visual reasoning, processing speed, and working memory.

  • Executive Functioning

    Selecting, maintaining, updating, manipulating, and attending to information. Includes measures of sustained attention, visuospatial attention, cognitive control, working memory, impulsivity, decision-making, risk-taking, and reward-related processing.

  • Memory

    The ability to encode and retrieve information, over short and long intervals. Includes measures of visual short term memory, object memory, face memory, verbal memory, and episodic memory.

  • Social Cognition

    Perceiving and understanding information about other people. Includes measures of face perception, face identity recognition, emotion identification, emotion discrimination, trait perception, social decision-making, and theory of mind.