The Many Brains Project

We founded The Many Brains Project to promote the values, techniques, and tools of open, participant-centered brain science. The Many Brains Project (1) provides access to high quality cognitive tests and (2) supports the development of infrastructure, software, and research initiatives that emphasize open source solutions, participant-centered research, and help further the science of the mind / brain and brain health. At Many Brains, we believe brain science will benefit most from an approach that involves the active collaboration of many participants, many researchers, many organizations, and many communities. We have a vision of a brain science that emerges from the contributions of many brains, built on a foundation of openness, accessibility, and integrity.

Our Team

Laura Germine, Ph.D. President and Director

Ken Nakayama, Ph.D. Director and Principal Investigator

Jeremy Wilmer, Ph.D. Director and Principal Investigator

Paolo Martini, Ph.D. Head of Research and Development

Sam Anthony, M.A. Head of Infrastructure and Informatics

Sarah Hope Lincoln, Ph.D. Head of Participant Engagement